T-shirt or Memory quilts are designed with your personality in mind. I am in
touch with you every step of the way to create the quilt you will treasure. They
are priced at $22.00 / shirt used. This pricing includes everything from start to
finish. A down payment of $150 is requested in order to purchase materials.
Balance is due on delivery.

When I receive a pile of t-shirts, the first thing I have to do is cut them, stabilize
the backside so they don’t stretch, then cut to size. This step is very time
consuming but oh, so important. The next step is to select a background. This
fabric goes in between the shirts, in the outer border and on the back. A neutral
works best so as not to distract from the shirts. This can be in a cotton or flannel. Or maybe you prefer a mosaic style such as the photo on the right. Its all up to you.

I create a mosaic with your shirts. I lay the shirt out in a pleasing order, grouping
themes or spacing color tones. But you have the final layout decision. I will send photos back and forth until you approve. Once approved, I get to work stitching
the quilt together. I quilt the t-shirt top to the backing with a layer of cotton
batting between. Lastly the raw edges are bound. Photos are sent frequently
along the way to keep you informed of progress.

Some guidelines:

Lap size, approx. 15-20 t's, $330-$440

Twin size, approx. 25-28 t's, $550-$616

Queen size, approx. 35 t's, $770

Contact me for more detail and a quote request.