Edge to Edge is the simplest form of quilting. It is great for a bed quilt, baby quilt
or a busy quilt. The design is simply quilted from edge to edge without regard to where the design falls. This kind of quilting is priced at $0.0225 / square inch.

For instance, a quilt top measuring 60” x 80” = 4800 sq. in. x $0.0225 = $108.00.

I have over 40 designs to choose from such as:

  • Bubbles, water, stars and meander

  • Lots of leaves from classic to vines to modern

  • Lots of feathers, feather swirls, feather waves

  • Florals, daisies, roses, floral vines, hearts

  • Fleur de lys, wood grain, peacock feathers, square grids

  • Little girl bows or little boy dinosaurs

  • Or I will find whatever best suits your desires